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JOC Sailings FAQs

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about JOC Sailings

Q. How often is the JOC Sailings sailing schedule database updated?

A. Our sailing schedule database is updated daily.

Q. Is this a free service?

A. JOC Sailings is free to all users.

Q. Why does your database show sailing dates that have already passed?

A. Our database keeps the entire vessel’s schedule alive until the last arrival date in the rotation has been reached.

Q. Why isn’t a particular ocean carrier listed in the database?

A. If you can’t find the schedules of an ocean carrier please send us an email at schedules@joc.com . There are more than 170 steamship lines currently in the database; we will make sure new data is included.

Q. Do steamship lines pay to be in this service?

A. Our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible with our sailing schedule information for our users. This is a free service for the steamship lines.

Q. Why isn’t a particular NVOCC listed in the database?

A. NVOCCs are only listed in the database if they advertise on JOC Sailings.

Q. Whom can I contact for general information and feedback on this product?

A. Contact Harry Butler, Web Editor, at hbutler@ubmglobaltrade.com or at 609-759-4738.

Q. Whom can I contact to have my schedules listed or my company information updated in the database?

A. Contact Paula Wheeler, Data Quality Manager, at pwheeler@joc.com or at 800-991-9994 ext.123.

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