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Brazilian Port Workers Delay Strike to Negotiate

Created by HButler on 2/27/2013 4:40:17 PM

Brazilian port workers have agreed to delay their planned strike until March 15 to negotiate with the government changes in its ports plan.

The agreement was made during a meeting in Brazil between the representatives of the unions, federations and Leonidas Cristino, the Chief Minister’s Secretariat for Ports.

Paulo Pereira de Silva, congressman and president of the Union Force, said the deal was a gesture of workers seeking to negotiate changes. “We will not allow precarious work in the ports,” he said in a written statement.

Two meetings have been scheduled for Feb. 27 and March 1. However, if negotiations fail, Sindaport, in Santos, Brazil, has confirmed that the planned work stoppage will go ahead as planned.

- The Journal of Commerce.


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